Analysis for the retail & FMCG markets

  • Clothing and footwear market in Poland: Shopping malls losing popularity

    Significant changes have taken place in consumer preferences for the various distribution channels in the past few years. Shopping malls have declined in popularity as a place to buy clothes – from 64% in 2013 to 60% in 2014 to 54% in 2015.The change is even more pronounced… »

  • Largest grocery retailers’ 2014 sales in Russia grew faster than the market

    The Russian grocery retail market is still vastly dominated by alternative channels of distribution, including open-air markets, specialist stores and online sales, among others. Nevertheless, the share of modern retail is steadily increasing. On the one hand, this growth is… »

  • Russia’s grocery retail market up by 11.8% in 2014

    Last year was a difficult year for the Russian grocery retail market, which, despite growing in value in rouble terms, noted a decline in euro terms. Consumers were faced with rising prices and shrinking salaries, which resulted in lower disposable incomes. On the other hand,… »

  • Drogerie tradycyjne tracą udziały w rynku mimo konsolidacji

    Oprócz rozwoju nowoczesnych sieci drogerii, ostatnie lata to przede wszystkim konsolidacja rynku tradycyjnych drogerii. Na koniec 2014 r. blisko 1 800 sklepów działało w ramach sieci partnerskich, a na koniec 2015 r. będzie ich ok. 2 100 (bez uwzględniania stoisk… »

  • HoReCa market still has a shortage of Polish cuisine restaurants

    In October 2014, we conducted a survey of a representative sample of 250 adult residents of Poland and asked all our respondents, regardless of whether or not they used food services in the preceding quarter, what type of food service establishments they most longed for. People… »

  • Cosmetics market in Central Europe grew by 3.3% in 2014

    In the last few years, consumers of cosmetics in CE became price-sensitive as a result of more difficult market conditions. They often look for discounts and promotions. At the same time, they expect higher product quality and additional store services. In 2014, Poland… »

  • INFOGRAPHIC: HoReCa market in Poland 2015

    The infographic presents interesting facts and figures about the HoReCa market in Poland in 2014 and 2015. It includes information about how many gastronomic premises operates in Poland, what types of cuisine Poles prefer, as well as the average price paid by Poles for a meal at… »

  • Robust outlook for the HoReCa market in Poland

    The hotel dining, restaurants and catering market is susceptible to fluctuations that can impact real incomes of households or cause problems at companies, as evidenced by the market’s performance in 2013 when its value slightly dropped. A positive aspect of the situation is… »

  • Local players retain strong positions on the Siberian grocery market in Russia

    The Siberian Federal District is still a remote area, which hampers the ability of federal grocery retail chains to penetrate the market. Logistical issues restrain the leading grocery retailers from establishing operations there and, as a result, giants such as X5 Retail Group,… »

  • Supermarkets top the modern grocery segment in Ukraine

    The supermarket segment is the largest modern retail channel in Ukraine in terms of revenue and store count. Supermarkets are very popular among Ukrainians because outlets of this type are widespread in the country, close to residential areas and relatively small. Unlike the… »