Grupa Zywiec results reflect condition of Polish beer market

In 2009, Grupa Zywiec, the prominent beer producer, made a net profit of PLN 369.5m (€92.5m) from sales revenues of PLN 3.72bn (€931.6m) in 2009, whereas in 2008 the figures were PLN 415.7m (€104m) and PLN 3.81bn (€954m), year-on-year reductions of 11.1% and 2.4%, respectively.

In terms of volume, the company reported a 6% reduction in 2009. However, Grupa Zywiec’s results reflect the condition of the Polish beer marker. The company claims that in 2009 beer consumption in Poland declined by 10.1% to 32.2 million hl, which was the equivalent of 85 litres of beer per capita. By way of comparison, in 2008 beer consumption came to 94 litres per capita. The reduction in the beer market was prompted by a rise in excise duty, along with the global recession.

Despite the crisis, Grupa Zywiec has succeeded in increasing its market share by 1.4 p.p. to 35%. At present, the company is the runner-up on the Polish beer market, which is worth around PLN 209bn (€52bn). Kompania Piwowarska leads the field on the market.