Bingo and Delikatesy Piotrus Pan number 38 and 20 stores, respectively

Piotrus Pan, Przemysl-based operator of Bingo (a franchise grocery store chain) and Delikatesy Piotrus Pan (franchise delicatessen chain), added new stores to its networks in Q2 2013. As a result, Delikatesy Piotrus Pan’s store count increased from 18 in late March 2013 to 20 in early July 2013, while Bingo’s increased from 32 to 38 in the reviewed period. Both chains operate in Podkarpackie voivodship.

Piotrus Pan, established in 1995, operates two wholesalers as well, whose range includes Podkarpackie voivodship and part of Malopolskie and Lubelskie voivodships.

In 2012, its total revenues totalled PLN 185m (€43m) marking an increase of 20% year on year, reported.